This instruction covers suspension procedures and withdrawal or cancellation of the certification certificate and revision of the register of approved firms.

  • Grounds for action are brought to the attention of the Manager (Ops), who reviews the information and decides whether to proceed. Either way, the he / she issues a letter to the client via registered mail / courier advising them of the details of the grounds for action and the decision on whether to proceed.
  • If the Manager Ops decides to proceed, the client must reply to ISOQAR CERTIFICATION within fourteen days of receipt of letter.
  • If the Manager Ops determines that the action or position contained in the client reply is satisfactory, he issues a letter stating this, and mails it to the client via registered mail.
  • If actions are required, due dates must be set and Manager Ops must review the actions at those times to ensure that they are effectively completed in order to prevent suspension or cancellation.
  • If the client does not reply in fourteen days, if the reply is not satisfactory, or if the actions required are not effectively completed in the allowed time, the Manager Ops determines whether to suspend or cancel certification.
  • If the decision is made to cancel certification, the CEO is responsible for suspending the client or canceling the client from the Register of Approved Firms, advising the client by registered mail / courier, and publicizing the cancellation, if necessary. MBD cannot over-rule the decision made by Manager Ops.

The following reasons are considered grounds for suspension:

  • Effective corrective action for major nonconformance is not implemented within a specified time period of six months from the date of nonconformance issued.
  • Improper or misuse of the certificate, symbol or logo not remedied to the satisfaction of ISOQAR CERTIFICATION.
  • Client ceases to supply product or service of the certified quality system for an extended period of time.
  • Client’s certified management system has persistently failed to meet any of the requirements for certification including requirements for the effectiveness of the management system.
  • Client does not allow surveillance / recertification audits to be conducted as per defined frequencies.
  • Client fails to meet financial obligations to ISOQAR CERTIFICATION.
  • Client is unable or unwilling to ensure conformance to revisions of standards.
  • Existence of a serious complaint, or a large number of second- or third-party complaints, which indicate that the quality management system is not being maintained.
  • Client voluntarily request a suspension / cancellation

Intimation (verbal / written) will be sent to the client fifteen days prior to suspending and issuing the suspension letter. Suspension period will be maximum of six months.

Under suspension the client’s management system is temporarily invalid.

 If the identified issues have been resolved within the suspension period then the certificate is restored.

The following reasons are considered grounds for de registration:

  • The client fails to take effective corrective action within the maximum suspension period.
  • Client makes a formal request to withdraw certification.
  • Infringement by the client of any contractual conditions between the client and ISOQAR.
  • Failure to comply with the deadline for transition to ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001: 2015

An intimation (verbal / written) will be sent to the client fifteen days prior to deregistration and issuing the deregistration letter

The suspension or deregistration can be initiated if the client does not allow the routine surveillance to be conducted at the required frequency. The first surveillance audit is carried out not more than 12 months from the certification decision date. The subsequent routine surveillance is carried out not more than 12 months from the last surveillance audit with a grace period of one month given under special circumstances. In case the audit is not done as per above defined time lines the certificate is suspended and a suspension letter is sent to the client and also requesting him to agree for the audit. In case of client not conducting the surveillance audit within the suspension period, then the client is de registered.

Successful completion of the audit within the suspension period shall not impact the certification and the suspension is revoked. Maximum time limit for suspension will be six months.

In case the audit is not done within the suspension period, the certificate is deregistered / cancelled and the client shall be considered as a fresh case for certification. In this scenario the Manager Operation’s will study such cases and make a decision whether a Stage 01 Audit again needs to be conducted or not.

Special circumstances might be like strike, natural calamities, business operations (case to case basis) etc.