HALAL Certification

HALAL is an internationally recognized standard and provides the best framework in setting up HALAL sharia requirements as well as some basic food safety requirements such as personal hygiene, GMPs, pre-requisites, facility infrastructure and internal audit etc. where an organization in food chain needs to demonstrate its ability to identify & control the halal sharia compliances in order to ensure that the food is Halal and safe for human consumption. It is a voluntary standard. Mostly international corporations, retailers demand Halal certification from their suppliers as well as Govt. regulatory authorities motivating to local manufacturers to adopt this certification to secure the local and international market of HALAL products. Halal certification can also help the organization to flourish in new markets.

Halal foods must be manufactured and packaged as Halal certified products. Halal foods must be labeled “halal” and physically isolated from non-halal products. Equipment used in processing halal foods must be clean and free from contact with non-halal products. It should be cleaned so that there is no trace of the material of the non-halal product upon contact. When cleaning halal food processing equipment, oil and chemicals should not use non-halal products. Halal foods must indicate on the label the product name, ingredients, GMO status, food additives, slaughtered animals and animal-derived products, and whether seafood has scales. For products containing oil and fat, the source of oil and fat must be specified.

Benefits of Halal Certification

  • Demonstrate your commitment to Halal.
  • Get the access in Halal certified product Markets.
  • Company will have access in USA the market of 8 million halal consumers.
  • Ensure sustainable food safety management system.
  • Helpful to build Muslim customers’ confidence.
  • Helpful to enroll as a vendor for retail stores.
  • Globally accepted standard.
  • Helpful in attracting new customers.
  • Helpful to retain the confidence of existing customers.
  • Halal certified logo printed on product increases market access.