ISOQAR International (PVT) LTD concern with the standard development framework and its immense experience in the fields of standards for various domains. And categories has been instrumental in the field of standard development based on the need of the industry. ISOQAR International (PVT) LTD accredited with PNAC.

The term “standard’ includes a wide variety of technical works that defines the guidelines, best practices, specifications, methods, design procedures and the like. The size, scope and subject matter of standards varies widely, ranging from business excellence standards, QHSE standards. And compliance standards, risk based standards, outsource management and monitoring standards etc.

In our industry, the development and application of standards will make it possible to manufacture.As well as large volume of products including services maintaining quality, cost and profitability.

Standardization focuses on engineering standards such as properties of materials, process of manufacturing, equipment’s. Ass well as designing practices or on final product specifications.

Standardization focusing on process standards helps the organization to set up best practices for all activities across the organization. So, through control over business processes and there by achieve set business objectives.

Adoption of standards makes it easier for firms to communicate with their suppliers, customers and employees. Standards are also used within your industries to prevent conflict and duplication of effort.

Managing an organization includes product management, quality management, environment management, customer management. As well as health & safety management, information management, service management, financial management and so on. All this needs a standardized approach.

Many product and process standards have evolved over time helping organization to embrace the best global practices.

ISOQAR International (PVT) LTD can help you develop various standards based on the need following a robust standard development framework and life-cycle.